Sarah Hardesty

Then and Now, 2022

Oil, acrylic, and graphite on aluminum, 16 x 20 inches



My work includes drawings, paintings, installation, and mixed media. A personal layering of time, history of location, the power of intention, and the force and strength of nature are all things I am thinking about currently in my work. I often begin with an intuitive response to and an interpretation of my experiences and the work unfolds as a more focused expression revealed through the process.

Wide and blurry brush strokes cover abstracted environments of deconstruction and memory of place. In some work, thin lines pull weighted and grounded masses and attempt to shift a situation. They represent the strength and the effect of many. This abstracted narrative derives from deeper thoughts of weightlessness, control, fear, safety and holding back/letting go. I am working with process and sensation to suggest both an elegance and a rawness.

Some recent pieces interweave geological structural shifts (erosion, plate tectonics) with aspects of the human experience such as strength, resilience, and change. Combining geological imagery with textures, patterns, and other visual elements creates a platform to align what is happening on earth with what is happening with the individual. My work also pulls from a range of personal content including a near death illness, recovery, pain, notions of beauty, scarring, sense of place and home. I intend to connect to core feelings within others of pain, healing, beauty, and the complex emotional, psychological and physical landscape that makes up all of our lives. I strive for a visceral accessibility in my work, and I think it transcends deep emotion and intellect into a rhythmical and poetic space.