Sarah Bentley

The Burdens Left, 2021

Oil on canvas


I consider myself to be a contemporary allegorical artist. Working from life and imagination both, I am influenced heavily by current events and drawn to paint as an expression of love and as a method of working through my turmoil. Focusing more and more on the environment, I ask myself what is our place in this world. I ask if we can live and coexist with nature, or if we are the destruction of the world. Sketching from life, I explore that which fascinates and holds me captive. Moving the drawing to larger canvases, I begin with an under painting in a single color. Layering brush strokes and colors using traditional methods learned from a small atelier still teaching academic skill sets I build form and play with light. Yet I am also drawn to subjects that honor what I love and hold dear. Taking moments from my time of existential despair at the state of the world, I seek to showcase and share with the world pieces of my heart in portraits. They are an intimate look at moments in my life that are worth celebrating even in times where the world is so uncertain.