Ronald Reel

Tundra Swan Sunset, Winter 2019



Ron began as a self-taught black and white photographer, doing his own film developing and printing in a home darkroom. His work has evolved into expressive digital color photography, emphasizing two subject areas, sometimes enhanced by computer manipulation: the strikingly stunning world of Nature‚Äôs beauty, and the more cerebral realm of abstract images. Ron’s work has been shown at the Virginia Beach Artists Gallery, the art gallery of the Washington County, MD Arts Council, the Del Ray Artisans Gallery [Alexandria, VA], and in commercial magazines.

Barbara Smith [Ron’s wife] has been interested in art her entire life, taking art classes in high school, college, and graduate school. More recently, she completed drawing and photography classes at the Washington Zoo and through Arlington County. Currently, her focus is on digital photography and collage. Her work has been shown at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery.