My body, the Earth

Miriam Cutelis

Mixed Media

My art explores the relationship between self and nature. Over the years, my relationship with my body has evolved through my experience as a distance runner and hiker in the woods. The more I dive into nature the more I experience its healing affects on my body, my mind and my spirit. In my work, I use lots of recycled materials to create landscapes. Currently I am working on a series called Trashy Landscapes, which juxtaposes landfill items with the idea of dreamy landscapes, asking, “is beauty possible for these lost single-use items?” What constitutes worthiness? How does one find inner peace in the midst of external chaos? My work asks many questions about our self value, our bodies as a part of nature, our morality, our search for purpose and how these basic ideas are repurposed to create new learning and sharper wisdom. Nature is my endless fascination, we have yet so much to learn from its many manifestations.