Jason Horowitz

#EiffelTower, 2022

Archival inkjet print





I’m always looking for ways to see things in a new way. From medium format black and white to abstracted still-life images of food to close-ups of people in the studio I love to explore ways to engage with and interpret the world through photography. Take my two most recent projects as an example. The Photo Sphere portfolio is a series of large scale pictures using the Google Photo Sphere/Street View app in a way it’s never been used before. The final images are disassembled and reconstructed 360° scenes that are brought to life by subverting my phone’s camera and software to playfully bend space and time to create abstracted views that reinterpret reality and are filled with a dizzying sense of wonder and mystery.

The Insta_Stack_Art project is a visual investigation into the nature of photography: photographic art about contemporary image overload and repetition. Searching #EiffelTower on Instagram, for instance, results in a continuously scrolling page of more than 6.6 million photos. Given that overwhelming visual deluge, why would I want to add another picture to the pile? Is it even possible to shoot something new? To look at those questions and more, I’ve been appropriating images from the 95 million daily Instagram uploads and arranging them in x-ray stacks to create art that looks at our relationship to photography and pictures in general.