J. S. Herbert

Black, Blue, & White Vase, 2017

Stoneware and Glaze


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I graduated from Marymount University with a B.A. in Art, History, and Political Science in 2017. For Art, my concentration was ceramics and I have been practicing clay arts since October, 2018 at the Lee Arts Center. I am a member artist at the Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, and am the Senior Fellow at the Studio Gallery, Washington, DC. In addition to ceramics, I also occasionally practice in the media of drawing, painting, and printmaking.

As an artist, the process of creating art work is just as important to me as the work of art and the media I am working with. The work of art is the end product of a conversation that I have with my material and the process of making. This conversation is important to me as it becomes not only a way for me to evolve as an artist but it connects me with my work on a spiritual level. The entire process of creating art work is a continuous learning experience, which involves learning about the relationship between the production of art and how it relates to my philosophy of life.