Tulip & Jellyfish Embrace

Jennifer Brewer Stone

Oil paint, resin, and mixed media

Open Studio Sunday: September 26, 2021



I strive to make the unseen seen, whether that’s awe of the beauty in nature, or awe at the strength of a person or community. The preciousness of life. I use transparency, texture, saturated oil paint and sometimes resin in mixed media to encourage the viewer to look deeper and more closely. I’m drawn to the bright colors and exotic forms found in tropical areas. I am fascinated by the idea that something in our world can look fantastical, but it really exists.

In my Dance of Life series, I used multiple photos as reference to juxtapose natural elements and create new thought-provoking environments. I paint with oil on canvas or panel. I sometimes use thin layers and dry brushes to keep the color sharp and the edges crisp.

In my painting Tulip & Jellyfish, I used molding paste underneath and oil paint on top. The molding paste texture on the edges combines all different forms of water from different spatial dimensions. This is similar to the way waves look when seen from a plane, watching the bank of a river or a cresting wave in the sea, and the smallest form of water in the tiny droplets that form the wave itself. I apply the paste with a large palette knife, then remove some by using a pull up motion (like pulling peanut butter away from bread) to create this particular wavy texture. The roots of the tulip and the tentacles of the jellyfish were applied with a very small liner brush. This is the most time-intensive part painting-wise, and can take ten to forty hours per piece. Shown here also are pieces combining the three techniques, with resin, texture, and other effects intermixed.