2020 Tour Archive

The 2020 Tour was entirely online, with 40 artists providing virtual tours of their studios.  Watch those videos here!

You Tube Virtual Visits

Rick Black: Exploring home and exile through book art and photography

David Carlson:  Abstraction influenced by meditations on consciousness

Deb Crerie:  Photography, technology and additive processes

Lucinda Esh:  Expanded home studio and abstract painting process

David Goldstein:  Artwork debut and a rare look into a private work area

Sue Grace:  Demonstration of large-scale figurative abstraction

Heike Gramckow:  Modern impressionist landscape paintings

Arlie Hammons:  Becoming an artist after traumatic brain injury

Anne Hancock: Paintings of personal narratives

Sarah Hardesty:  Recent work, inspiration, and process

Brie Hayden: Hyper-realistic drawings in a tiny workspace

David Jenkins:  Hand-cut original-design papercuttings

Bryan Jernigan:  Acrylic abstracts and Impressionistic pastel landscapes

Julie Jernigan:  Jewelry in sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones

Zofie King:  Mixed media assemblage, reminiscent of cabinets of curiosity

Stephanie Lane:  The space between the metaphysical and the physical

Barry Lindley:  Expressive realist landscapes from the mid-Atlantic

Viondette Lopez:  Connection through portraits and landscapes

Sharon Malley:  Narrative paintings of childhood memories

Ingrid Matuszewski:  “Loving life through painting”
Felecia Brice McFail:  Learn about calligraphy and the FOHTA Gallery

Nan Morrison:  Gestural, drip and action painting defined by bold color

Morgan Johnson Norwood:  Nature inspiration behind abstract paintings

Sandi Parker:  A home studio with a glam, fun vibe, “filled with things I love”

Jean Sausele-Knodt:  Mix-media wall mounted assemblages

Henrik Sundqvist:  Large scale layered prints and their basis in drawing

Sherry Trachtman:  Influences, materials, and process of 3D assemblages

Andrea Uravitch:  Animal and plant sculptures and how they are constructed


Facebook Virtual Visits

Jennifer Brewer Stone: Encouraging awe

Scott Hutchison: Psychological movement

Melanie Kehoss:  Origins of culture

Rhys Conlon: Engaging rhythm

Mary Jennings: Promoting growth

E. Lynn Coates: Figures in nature

Sarah Bentley:  Maintaining tradition

Marsha Lederman: Experiments in clay

Robbie Namy:  New ideas from Old Masters

Scott Kaye:  Form following function

Emily Fussner: Poetry in the periphery

Claudia Olivos: Magical realism