2020 Tour Archive

The 2020 Tour was entirely online, with 40 artists providing virtual tours of their studios.  Watch those videos here!

Arlington Visual Art Studio Tour Artists in 2019

You Tube Virtual Visits

Rick Black: Exploring home and exile through book art and photography

David Carlson:  Abstraction influenced by meditations on consciousness

Deb Crerie:  Photography, technology and additive processes

Lucinda Esh:  Expanded home studio and abstract painting process

David Goldstein:  Artwork debut and a rare look into a private work area

Sue Grace:  Demonstration of large-scale figurative abstraction

Heike Gramckow:  Modern impressionist landscape paintings

Arlie Hammons:  Becoming an artist after traumatic brain injury

Anne Hancock: Paintings of personal narratives

Sarah Hardesty:  Recent work, inspiration, and process

Brie Hayden: Hyper-realistic drawings in a tiny workspace

David Jenkins:  Hand-cut original-design papercuttings

Bryan Jernigan:  Acrylic abstracts and Impressionistic pastel landscapes

Julie Jernigan:  Jewelry in sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones

Zofie King:  Mixed media assemblage, reminiscent of cabinets of curiosity

Stephanie Lane:  The space between the metaphysical and the physical

Barry Lindley:  Expressive realist landscapes from the mid-Atlantic

Viondette Lopez:  Connection through portraits and landscapes

Sharon Malley:  Narrative paintings of childhood memories

Ingrid Matuszewski:  “Loving life through painting”
Felecia Brice McFail:  Learn about calligraphy and the FOHTA Gallery

Nan Morrison:  Gestural, drip and action painting defined by bold color

Morgan Johnson Norwood:  Nature inspiration behind abstract paintings

Sandi Parker:  A home studio with a glam, fun vibe, “filled with things I love”

Jean Sausele-Knodt:  Mix-media wall mounted assemblages

Henrik Sundqvist:  Large scale layered prints and their basis in drawing

Sherry Trachtman:  Influences, materials, and process of 3D assemblages

Andrea Uravitch:  Animal and plant sculptures and how they are constructed


Facebook Virtual Visits

Jennifer Brewer Stone: Encouraging awe

Scott Hutchison: Psychological movement

Melanie Kehoss:  Origins of culture

Rhys Conlon: Engaging rhythm

Mary Jennings: Promoting growth

E. Lynn Coates: Figures in nature

Sarah Bentley:  Maintaining tradition

Marsha Lederman: Experiments in clay

Robbie Namy:  New ideas from Old Masters

Scott Kaye:  Form following function

Emily Fussner: Poetry in the periphery

Claudia Olivos: Magical realism