Ilona Lantos


I enjoy making art that activates a sense of being in touch with my deeper self and wisdom. My work centers around the old stories that we have been telling ourselves while they control our lives unconsciously yet when we bring them into consciousness we can transform them into new legends on the canvas.

My process is based on intuition, intention and inquiry. I love to dig deep into my heart and mind until the unconscious essence of me becomes conscious and materializes into something physical to touch and see and have a dialog with. I love to express feelings with symbols and patterns.

Making art is part of cultivating self-love and learning about myself at a deeper level and authentically. I am a certified Intentional Creativity teacher as taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and her mentor Sue Hoya Sellars, which nurtured and influenced my creative journey. Since then, my practice of meditation, mindfulness, conscious creation, joy and self-awareness have been at the heart of my creative endeavors.