Barbara Januszkiewicz

Painting, Public Art Projects and Gallery

Barbara Januszkiewicz is an artist, educator and creative activist. Recently Januszkiewicz was featured in Northern Virginia Magazine as one of the Women to Watch, for both her outreach in the community and her commitment for her studio practice. Her dynamic visual interpretation employs large color fields that meld and overlap in translucent layers, evoking the rhythm and flow of her musical inspiration. Intense color compositions to subdued shades of reverberations, her paintings strive to visually capture the sensation of sound.

“Seeing my brushwork in waves of curving color-shapes submerged in translucent immensely rich washes, with a light source not from applied paint, but from the luminosity, of the brilliant white paper or canvas. This technique offers me an expression that seems to capture the complexity and color of a song.” Januszkiewicz trained formally under Chinese master Mun Quan, a traditional watercolorist whose influence can be seen in her wet and controlled technique. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. Januszkiewicz studio and gallery is located in Arlington VA.