Kat Jamieson – Katzowork

Metalsmithing and Watercolor


First Solo Show: Tacking dozens of watercolors to the studs of the family garage and charging a dime for tickets, five-year-old Kat launched herself into the local art world. The show was well attended and favorably reviewed. Ever since, she’s been exploring and constructing most anything graphically bold and creative: painting, graphic design, calligraphy, Japanese folding screens, papermaking and book arts, woodworking, silversmithing, enamel work, silkscreening, photography.

Inspiration: set in motion by favorite spots where she’s spent extended parts of life: the light in Cape Cod and New Mexico, the colors of southwest France and northern California, the gardens of England and Japan, the marshes of the Eastern Shore.

Expression: a lifelong attraction to contrast: cool colors set against warm, light touching shadow, wet reaching for dry, the general observed along with the particular.

Best creative collaboration: partnering with Gielijn Escher, the talented nephew of artist M.C. Escher, on theater posters.